About Us

Work With Experienced Commercial Construction Professionals

At Custom Design Team Inc., our mission is to exceed the expectations of every client.

For the past 19 years and over 1,111 commercial projects completed, Custom Design Team Inc. has been operating all over the USA building numerous commercial projects, renovations, new construction, remodels, and countless other projects of varying sizes. Custom Design Team Inc. was designed to efficiently meet individual project needs. We work with tenants of all sizes, from minor construction to full renovation. Our deep industry experience allows us to effectively utilize your project with quality and efficiency. With new construction or full remodel, our team works with efficiency in mind, providing quality work while meeting timelines and budgets. We keep a clear line of communication with our clients— you will be informed of all progress. From redesign to structural recreation, Custom Design Team Inc. holds the highest standards for quality and service. Custom Design Team Inc. eagerly welcomes new clients. Our team is available whenever you need us.